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Momentum Analysis

Expert Simulation and Engineering Solutions

We are a sole owned and run engineering consultancy providing physics simulation consultancy and services, specialising in CFD, fluid dynamics and the use of open source tools.

We deliver value by using our skills and experience to provide new information, which helps solve problems, improves performance or provides fresh insight in to your product or process. We apply the latest modelling techniques to solve problems with cutting edge technology, giving you the benefits of the latest approaches without any of the hassle.

Our competencies extend from advanced turbulence modelling, through coupled fluid-structural and fluid-particle problems, to multiphase and surrogate modelling and optimisation techniques. We use a set of open source tools including Scilab, OpenFOAM(R), LIGGHTS(R), CFDEM(R), Paraview and Blender. We develop extra functionality within these tools as required.